Longer lives for heart patients

H40-Decreased-Mortality-Rate-v1This study in collaboration with the American National Institute of Health followed mortality patterns over a period of 19 years after adults with high blood pressure were taught the Transcendental Meditation technique, or participated in controlled interventions. The results showed a 23% decrease in mortality rates by all causes, and a 30% decrease in mortality rates for heart diseases in the TM group, as compared to the control group.Ref.American Journal of Cardiology 95: 1060–1064, 2005

Longer lives for the elderly

H24-Longevity-elderly-follThis follow up study on a group of elderly people (average age of 80.7 years) that were randomly assigned to learn the Transcendental Meditation Programme or up to three different control groups (mindfulness, another meditation technique and no meditation practice) found that those who were taught the Transcendental Meditation technique lived significantly longer than those in the other three groups.Ref.Circulation 93: 629 (Abstract), 1996

Healthier as we get older

H22-Biochemistry-YouthfuHigher levels of plasma dehydroepiandrosterone sufate (DHEA-S) later in life are associated with better health. This substance generally reduces in the body after the mid-twenties. Those who practiced Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation technique turned out to have higher levels of plasma DHEA-S than the control group. This graph shows the average levels among male TM practitioners over the age of 50; female practitioners showed similar results.Ref.Journal of Behavioral Medicine  15: 327–341, 1992

More effective brain functioning among elderly

H21-More-Effective-info-pro-v1Elderly persons who practice the TM technique showed a faster response in the brain to visual stimuli (shorter latency of P300 response) in comparison to a control group of the same age. This type of brain response normally slows down with age, and this finding therefore shows a reversal of the aging process that occurs through the regular practice of the TM programme.Ref.Psychophysiology 26: S29 (Abstract), 1989

What the Media is saying about TM

What people are saying

“Transcendental Meditation has opened up a new world of good health and well-being for me. I am so much more in control of my life and realise that there is something I can do to reduce my stress levels and feel more relaxed. It is such a blessing — I am grateful to have found it.”

Aisling Drury-Byrne, Royal Irish Academy of Music, Musician & Teacher

“The best thing I ever did in my life was to learn TM as an architectural student in 1973. I have benefitted in a multitude of ways from it’s simple, easy practice. In the morning, when I sit down to practise TM, it’s as if I receive a mental bath. Having more energy and clarity as a result of my TM practice, I am able to give and receive more, not only in my professional life, but in my personal life also.”

Peter Mullins, Architect

“As a musician, I feel that it helps me to perform better and as a teacher, it allows me to approach the classroom in a relaxed state of mind which, I believe, in turn has a positive effect on my students. I would highly recommend TM to anyone who is looking for an easy and effective way to bring balance into all aspects of their lives.”

Rachel Robinson, Musician & Teacher

“I encourage all my patients to practice Transcendental Meditation. Experience Shows and research confirms, that it is the best vaccine against stress-related conditions. Regular practice keeps you inwardly settled despite being surrounded by chaos.”

Dr Donn Brennan (MRCGP), General Practitioner.

“Having practised TM and the TM Sidhi Programme for 27 years I find it hard to describe the magnitude of change it has brought to my life other than to say it has changed everything ; in a phrase perhaps it has made me a completely happy and enriched person enjoying all aspects of life.”

Derek Crampton, Businessman

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