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How do I learn Transcendental Meditation?

Anyone can learn Transcendental Meditation. It is easy and enjoyable to practice and gives immediate results.

Transcendental Meditation is taught according to time-tested methods that naturally allow the mind to experience the most fulfilling state of its own true nature. There is no need for a long period of learning because the process is natural and intuitive. This means that anyone can learn TM, regardless of cultural, religious or educational background, and the results are usually noticed immediately. Twenty minutes, twice-a-day every day, is enough to produce the desired effects.

Personal guidance is necessary.

While the basic practice of TM is the same for everyone, each individual is unique. Therefore, the experience of meditation may vary from person to person. This is why the personal guidance of a trained Transcendental Meditation Teacher is necessary. When meditation is taught in a correct, personalised way, the process develops naturally and effortlessly and then the greatest benefits and effects are obtained.

Once we have learned this perfectly natural technique, we can practice it on our own but, whenever any additional guidance is needed, it is available from any TM centre in the world. The need for further guidance varies from person to person but the important point is that the guidance is always available.

TM Course Phase 1: Learning the technique

Learning Transcendental Meditation takes place in 7 steps, spread over 4-5 consecutive days.

1. Introductory seminar: An overview of the benefits and scientific studies of TM practice. All the information that is needed to put us in a position to decide if we would like to learn the TM technique, including a question and answer session. This is free and without obligation. 1.5 hours.

2. Preparatory lecture: More details of the exact mechanics of the Transcendental Meditation technique, how it differs from other types of meditation and how it is learned & practised, in preparation for instruction. Usually the preparatory lecture is given on the same evening as the introduction seminar. 45 minutes.

3. Personal interview: Individual meeting with your TM teacher and an opportunity to discuss any private questions that you may have. 10-15 minutes.

Steps 1-3, i.e. the Introductory and Preparatory Talks as well as the Personal Interview, are normally  covered in the same session by appointment. Approximately 2 hours.

4. Personal instruction: The actual personal instruction in the Transcendental Meditation technique. 1.5 hours.

5-7. Three follow-up sessions: Verification of the correct practice of the TM technique and the gaining of more knowledge, based on the growing experiences of Transcendental Meditation. 1.5 hours per session on the 3 consecutive days after personal instruction.

TM Course Phase 2: Follow-up

The follow-up is optional but recommended. Life-long follow-up, whenever necessary, is available worldwide.

Transcendental Meditation is an individually practiced technique and, therefore, the follow-up is entirely without obligation. However, the general experience is that the results obtained are better if you are regularly making use of the follow-up program – see the importance of regular follow-up.

First 12 months: A bi-weekly to monthly follow-up is recommended to verify the correctness of the practice of the Transcendental Meditation technique and to gain more knowledge of the benefits.

Residence Courses (Retreat): We dive deep into the practice of meditation and will meditate more often than we normally do at home, together with other TM participants, under the strict guidance of a trained teacher. This gives deeper knowledge, deeper experience and greater appreciation of the TM technique benefits.

These courses are generally held in comfortable, custom-built facilities on the serene and magically beautiful Island of World Peace in Clew Bay, County Mayo  which lies almost directly under Croagh Patrick, Ireland’s holiest mountain –

Lifelong right to follow-up: TM students can, for the rest of their lives, attend the monthly group meetings or ask any certified TM teacher in the world to verify the correctness of the practice. This service has a nominal charge in any one of our certified TM centres worldwide.

TM Course tuition

The personal guidance and follow-up that is required for correct practice of the TM technique has a certain cost. As long as Health Insurance companies are not reimbursing the TM course tuition, this cost has to be paid by TM course participants.

The course tuition fee depends on your personal circumstances: For more information and a full outline of the fees, please go to course tuition details.

Where can I take the TM course?

To find the nearest Transcendental Meditation Centre and to contact your local Transcendental Meditation Teacher for a free, no-obligation introductory seminar on the TM technique, go to Where can I learn Transcendental Meditation?

“I am already practicing TM for 37 years, and I still enjoy it every day. It has given me so much energy that I could build a successful career in sales, and, on top of that, I have built two houses and six apartments, all by myself, in my spare time. If someone would offer me €10,000 to stop practicing TM, I would not consider it, not even for a second.”

Johan Claes, Senior Account Manager of an international software company.

What the Media is saying about TM

What people are saying

“Transcendental Meditation has opened up a new world of good health and well-being for me. I am so much more in control of my life and realise that there is something I can do to reduce my stress levels and feel more relaxed. It is such a blessing — I am grateful to have found it.”

Aisling Drury-Byrne, Royal Irish Academy of Music, Musician & Teacher

“The best thing I ever did in my life was to learn TM as an architectural student in 1973. I have benefitted in a multitude of ways from it’s simple, easy practice. In the morning, when I sit down to practise TM, it’s as if I receive a mental bath. Having more energy and clarity as a result of my TM practice, I am able to give and receive more, not only in my professional life, but in my personal life also.”

Peter Mullins, Architect

“As a musician, I feel that it helps me to perform better and as a teacher, it allows me to approach the classroom in a relaxed state of mind which, I believe, in turn has a positive effect on my students. I would highly recommend TM to anyone who is looking for an easy and effective way to bring balance into all aspects of their lives.”

Rachel Robinson, Musician & Teacher

“I encourage all my patients to practice Transcendental Meditation. Experience Shows and research confirms, that it is the best vaccine against stress-related conditions. Regular practice keeps you inwardly settled despite being surrounded by chaos.”

Dr Donn Brennan (MRCGP), General Practitioner.

“Having practised TM and the TM Sidhi Programme for 27 years I find it hard to describe the magnitude of change it has brought to my life other than to say it has changed everything ; in a phrase perhaps it has made me a completely happy and enriched person enjoying all aspects of life.”

Derek Crampton, Businessman

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